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Welcome to Aimless Coyote's LJ

Welcome to Coy's journal. Some content is friends-only. This includes fic, photos, and art.
Adult, gay, and non-work-safe content is labeled and hidden under lj-cuts.

Want to be friended?   Please (1.) friend me, then (2.) say hello (by comment, message, AIM, or email.)

This journal has Yaoi content. Yaoi means gay. If you can't handle it, Please Go Away! ~Love, Coy

Current News:

Coy is still wandering around Second Life as "Wyvern Dryke" [ongoing].

Nummy gourmet teas are at Coy o'Teas - mention my LJ when you order and receive a $3 rebate!

Currently writing Batou-Togusa fanfic for GITS [June 2011]

Want to Help Coy ?
Yes I'm disabled & get most of my income online. If you'd like to help me out, that's great! But I don't want handouts. You should get something in return. Why not go shopping instead? Consider the tea & jewelry at Coy o'Teas or the printed shirts, mugs, mousepads, etc. from one of the shops listed here: I get income from those sales.

If you absolutely must donate, I will send you something nifty. How about a tarot reading / gift in SecondLife / suggestion I haven't thought of yet?

Thank you very much.

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