Marking Territory 2


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I am writing again. Let me say it twice: writing again.

Creating, for four days almost-in-a-row. Yes, it's trash and fanfic. Two angels screwing each other. But it's writing again

It is a high, a fulfillment, and sweet satisfaction I cannot reconcile, nor explain, to a non-writer. It's like... like... being unable to eat, just subsist on the paltry grounds of whatever mundane life throws your way. And one day, you wake up, and there's a buffet.

There is no greater pleasure, than a long-silent pen finally moving again.
Marking Territory 2

Anybody need tea?

Hey Guys!

I hope you are all doing well. Autumn must be coming, because people are ordering tea again. Does anyone need anything special, before I send in the order to my supplier?

Hugs to you all ♥
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Marking Territory 2

Introducing... Sims 3 + Dominion

Hey guys! I have missed playing The Sims 3 lately. So I'm starting a new story-line.

This one is based loosely on the show "Dominion," so the main characters are archangels. It is NOT a Christian story, though! (Would I do that to you?) (storyline begins at "Custom Memory 8") (PG-13, public access)

(I might have to do a few steamy posts, and stick them somewhere private for you guys. I have all the mods for the, um, anatomical correctness.)
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Marking Territory 2

I've had it with annoying ads

Dear Advertising Firms,

This may come as a surprise, but the following actually DO NOT inspire me to purchase:

  • Annoying noises or music (especially electronic).

  • People moaning graphically in pain (I'm looking at you, senior citizen call device).

  • People randomly screaming, whether in surprise, anger, or pain.

  • Christmas Music ANY TIME outside December.

  • Blindingly bright, ugly, contrasting colors (like hot pink and green).

  • Products which eat other members of their species (*cough*cereals), ask consumers to eat them, or otherwise portray SENTIENT food items being consumed against their will.

  • Glaringly obvious use of sexuality, when it is completely unrelated to a product (soft drinks and cars are the top offenders, here).

Using these techniques in your commercials actually gives the OPPOSITE effect: I mute the ad and look away. Then, when it comes time for me to make a purchase, I will actually choose AGAINST whichever product(s) used the above.

Please fucking stop.

Thank you,
A. M. Coy
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