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Introducing... Sims 3 + Dominion

Hey guys! I have missed playing The Sims 3 lately. So I'm starting a new story-line.

This one is based loosely on the show "Dominion," so the main characters are archangels. It is NOT a Christian story, though! (Would I do that to you?) (storyline begins at "Custom Memory 8") (PG-13, public access)

(I might have to do a few steamy posts, and stick them somewhere private for you guys. I have all the mods for the, um, anatomical correctness.)
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Marking Territory 2

I've had it with annoying ads

Dear Advertising Firms,

This may come as a surprise, but the following actually DO NOT inspire me to purchase:

  • Annoying noises or music (especially electronic).

  • People moaning graphically in pain (I'm looking at you, senior citizen call device).

  • People randomly screaming, whether in surprise, anger, or pain.

  • Christmas Music ANY TIME outside December.

  • Blindingly bright, ugly, contrasting colors (like hot pink and green).

  • Products which eat other members of their species (*cough*cereals), ask consumers to eat them, or otherwise portray SENTIENT food items being consumed against their will.

  • Glaringly obvious use of sexuality, when it is completely unrelated to a product (soft drinks and cars are the top offenders, here).

Using these techniques in your commercials actually gives the OPPOSITE effect: I mute the ad and look away. Then, when it comes time for me to make a purchase, I will actually choose AGAINST whichever product(s) used the above.

Please fucking stop.

Thank you,
A. M. Coy
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Luray Caverns! :D

Hey guys, I just wanted to post about my trip to Luray Caverns, Virginia. Luray is an enormous network of caves beneath the mountains of northwest Virginia. Over time, the minerals deposited by rain runoff solidify into wonderfully beautiful stalactites, stalagmites, and flowstone.

It's lovely, and damp and dark underground. I love it! The one drawback? They're charging almost $25 U.S. to get in, per person, for an hour's tour. Whaaaaat? $25, seriously guys? I think that's a little bit outrageous. It's not like they have to repay construction costs!

Anyway, here's some pictures I took, during my trip. Enjoy! :)

Luray Caverns (c)2014 A.M. Coy
Dendritic Formation, (c)2014 A.M. Coy
P5280032 - runaway truck ramp, for those poor juvenile homeless trucks copy

What do you think of my pictures?
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Hello all :)

I just wanted to post a note to say hello. It's been awhile since I typed in Livejournal... I'm busy, mostly, in Second Life, and revamping some websites. Nothing very exciting, I'm afraid.

It's finally time to play in the dirt, but I hurt my paw, so there's no playing this morning :( Ah well, serves me right for trying to clean. I've come to the realization that a house's natural state is -dirty-... and any attempt to alter that reality is nothing but a temporary and unnatural fix. lol

Lots of hugs to you all! I hope you are well.
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(no subject)

I can't figure out this f'ing strange weather. It was 15 F here last night. Tomorrow? 73 F with thunderstorms. Earlier this week? High 60s. But before that? 20s.

Just... what the HELL is going on??
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Busy Fox :3

I have been a busy fox! Finishing the basement so it looks less like a dungeon and more like a house. Which is kinda sad, because I enjoy the dungeon quality... but I need more house. So! Painting, sealing, staining, laying in linoleum... it's actually sort of fun. Next up come the walls. I need drywall or paneling, not bare concrete.

A friend suggested I go talk to the local Building Code Gurus at the County Courthouse, so I make sure I build everything right.

I can see this conversation going this way.

Me: Okay zoning guys, what is the code for my basement walls?

Zoning Guys: Uhhh. What are you DOING to the basement walls?

Me: Putting up drywall. It's concrete. Cold, Brr. What do I need?

Zoning: Well you need to start with a __ (insert strange tool name here) and use a ___ and a ___ with a ____. Got it?

Me: Um. *holds up epoxy?*