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Howls & Muddy Pawprints

Complete and Unmitigated Nonsense. ...Well, maybe.

Coyfox !!
29 March
I am aimlesscoyote.

Creator of Sn@peyb0t, Wyvern Dryke, & Coy o'Teas

Comment if you friend me, and I'll probably friend you.

Hey there! Aimless Coy here. Who am I? Where am I? What am I? These answers and more will appear in what I like to call...

Howls and Muddy Pawprints...
   The Aimless Coyote's Tails Tales

In this journal you will find:
  • words.
  • rambling.
  • yaoi / slash / homosexuality.
  • lists that are supposed to be funny.
  • rants about injustices and inequities inherent in postmillennial socioeconomic paradigms stuff.
  • discussions of anxiety and depression.
  • absolutely no clowns.
  • references to Sn@peyb0t, my mad creation (now outdated)
  • burdensome entries about gardening, often accompanied with hexes against various pests, plant diseases, neighbors, and random politicians.
  • something vaguely resembling an attempt at blogging.

    Important: entries may contain bad words, naughty pictures, and nasty slashy filth. If you're easily offended, or not an adult, you probably shouldn't even be here ask to be friended.

  • NC-17 Rating
    Warning! Contains material inappropriate for children, closed-minded individuals, ultra-religious assholes, homophobes, racists, and certain large houseplants.

    All contents of this journal ©2004-2015 Aimless Coy. (Does not apply to otherwise copyrighted material.) What does that mean? It's very simple... You steal my stuff, I bite. Then maybe sue. Then bite again. M'kay? Solution: get permission FIRST. Then everyone's happy.

    Overview: These entries are just like me. They can be wildly happy or sad, crazy, serious, contemplative, angry, or just downright nasty. There may also be references to suicide, depression, anxiety, child abuse, rape, Harry Potter, and other deeply disturbing topics.
    So please, if you have any scrap of sanity left after reading the introduction for the love of Mike escape while you can!

    So Let's Begin, Shall We?
    ....Whaddya mean, NO??

    Insight into Coy:
    Height: two meters minus 10 inches.
    Weight: approximately 16.36 lbs.   On the moon.
    Sex: ~muahaha!~
    Favorite Colours: deep and vivid blue, green, black and purple. Or clear.
    Social Interaction: this is it.
    Race: coyote or fox, depending on mood.
    Breed: never.
    Favorite Hobbies: torturing a classical guitar, writing, screwing around with Photoshop, writing, yelling at the cat, writing, and making potions. (Yes, really. No, not with flobberworms.) --Oh! and writing.
    Addictions: American chocolate, sugar, super strong coyffee, good loose tea, Severus Snape, nasty slashy smut, and writing.
    Dislikes: ... closed-minded people. and Drama!!
    Likes: just about everything else.
    Education: far too much, and yet not enough to be useful.
    Religion: take your pick.
    Best Feature: loffably funny
    Worst Feature: keeps grudges indefinitely
    Purpose of this: I'll let you know when I figure that out.

    [ Give Me *HUGS* ]

    Want hugs of your own?

      Some of the Best Things I've Ever Heard...
    • "Coy is the most fantastic Snape I have ever RPed with." ~Skellywag, 2 Aug 2004
    • "You are my hero" ~Elle, 9 Sept 2004 [In regard to the Halloween Xmas list]
    • "Thank you so much for something to do while I sit around bored to tears waiting for anything to happen!" ~Denise, 22 Oct 2004 [In regard to Snapeybot]
    • ".... I look up to you like WHOA. I care so much about you, and I always will." ~Remmywuff, 24 Nov 2004
    • "...she has the best Severus that I've ever played with. No one has surpassed her Snape as of yet." ~Remmywuff, 25 Nov 2004
    • "You are an amazing person, Coy. Don't think otherwise." ~Sef, 2 Apr 2005

      Some of the Dumbest Things I've Ever Heard...
    • "You know what's wrong with gay people? They like boys." ~Some old dude on t.v., 30 July 2004
    • "You play Snape? What's that, a card game?" ~an anonymous relative, 1 Aug 2004
    • "We need to talk about some responses your robot has. They are very inapproriate [sic]." ~unknown angry parent, 7 Sept 2004
    • "Your a nerd. I your #1 hating fan. [sic]" ~anonymous flamer who apparently can't speak English, 22 Nov 2004
    • "I'd love my son even if he was gay. As long as he doesn't kiss, touch, or manhandle any guys." ~overheard by Tina in a McDonald's in Toronto, 6 May 2005

    images ©2006 Cheetah Conservation Fund

    This journal is labelled with IRCA - Kiddies Stay Away! :O Nudity / violence / sex / drugs / other fun things you can't have.

    ^_^;, american chocolate, angelology, anime, anxiety, archangels, artificial intelligence, bateau, batou, bishounen, black tea, blackberries, blueberries, boiluv, chanslash, chewie!snape, chocolate, chocolate chips, chocolate zucchini brownies, counseling, coyfox, coyotes, crystals, d&d, dark scribblings, ddr, death, demonology, demons, depression, dominion, dr. pepper, fanfic, fanfiction, fantasy, fiction, flavored tea, forests, foxes, frightening muggles, gardening, gay angels, general insanity, ghost in the shell, gits, gits slash, gits yaoi, goetics, gourmet tea, harry potter, hentai, herbalism, herbs, hideo kuze, homosexuality, hot chocolate, howling, html, kitties, kokaku kidotai, kuze, lemon yaoi, linguistics, loose tea, lucius malfoy, mages, magic, magick, malakim, masturbation, michael/gabriel, mints, mugen, muses, mythology, nature, nc-17, nonsense, occult, paganism, peace and quiet, peach trees, penis, penis penis, perplexity, philosophy, photoshop, pirate bunnies, poetry, potions, rainstorms, raspberries, reiki, religions, samurai champloo, science, second life, secondlife, severus snape, shounen-ai, sim!snape, simurai champloo, sirius black, slash, slashy smut, slytherin, sn@peyb0t, snape, snapeybot, snapeykins, stones, strawberries, sugar, summoning, super strong coyffee, the sims, thunderstorms, togusa, trees, unagi, venture bros, venture bros., walnut trees, wicca, willows, witches, wizards, wolves, woods, writing, writing slash, writing smut, writing yaoi, wuffs, yaoi, , サムライチャンプルー, 攻殻機動隊